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Ramiro Rodriguez Pardo
(Argentina España)
Past. Chancellor


Elzinha Nunes
Vice Canciller ACLA


Chef Diego Silva Lehmann
Canciller Honorario


Chef Ricardo Malagón
Presidente académico ACLA

The Great Culinary Academy of the Americas is born as a result of the work that AREGALA has carried out for 30 years, bringing together America’s gastronomy, in order to give the universal relevance to the culinary culture of our countries, as well as the wealth of indigenous food products that America has given to the world.
It has also contributed with the extensive experience of its members, to the praiseworthy task of providing support and knowledge contribution to culinary education.


  • Bring together the best Chefs and culinary teachers and experts to teach, discuss, investigate, experience and propose topics related to American gastronomy and its projection
  • Invite Chefs or cooking teachers (and similar) who are considered to have the necessary merits to become members of the Academy
  • Bring together the most qualified professionals from each country of the Americas with the responsibility of representing this continent world widely.
    Being the most representative and select cultivators of the CULINARY ARTS OF AMERICA and representing their respective countries, masteringthe highest gastronomic techniques and teachings of America.

Honorary Members

1)   Carlos Alberto Dumas (Argentina)
2)   Diego Silva Lehmann (Perú)
3)   Ramiro Rodriguez Pardo (Argentina España) Gran Canciller
4)   Elzinha Nunes – Vice Canciller ACLA (Brasil)
5)  Querzen Vasquez (Chile)
6)  Gilberto Smith Duquesne (Cuba)
7)  José Luis Santana Guedez (Cuba)
8)  Luiz Farías (Brasil)
9)  Beatriz Marino (Uruguay)
10)  Jacques Benoit (Francia-Perú)
11)  Marisa Guiulfo (Perú)
12) Raul Modenessi (Perú)
13) Gloria Hinostroza (Perú)
14) Elzinha Nunes (Brasil)
15) María Esther Berreteaga (Argentina)
16) Sara Garófalo (Paraguay)
17) Diego Silva (Perú)
18) Rafael Sessenta (Brasil)
19) Marcus Von Albrecht (Canadá)
20) Homero Miño (Ecuador)
21) Ricardo Malagón (Colombia –Chancellor President)