AREGALA is a gastronomic association founded in Latin America, in the mystic ruins of Machu Pichu in Peru 36 years ago. It is the dean of the American continent, but today it has spread to almost the entire planet, maintaining representations and offices in 60 countries of the world, rescuing and spreading the culinary values of the people, developing its gastronomy as a cultural, social, tourist, work value, humanistic, folkloric philanthropic, historical, educational and identity of their nations.

It was founded in 1982 under the name of Association of Restauradores, Enólogos, Gastronomic Writers of Latin America, Miami, Quebec and Spain with a subsidiary Association of Writers and Gastronomic Writers of the Americas, also founded by the chef Diego Silva Lehmann and that was the first association of gastronomic journalism in the world, today under the acronym OMPG.PRESS – World Press Organization and Gastronomic diffusion.

AREGALA comprises America, Europe, part of Asia and Africa and is considered by many culinary celebrities to be one of the largest and most important cultural and philanthropic and educational associations in the world, both because of its geographical extension (when integrating 50 countries), as well as because of the importance and transcendence of his work.

To carry out its objectives, it organizes events that involve gastronomic art and where culinary festivals are held with demonstrative and charitable buffets through its philanthropic organization, Cooks Without Borders. It also organizes congresses, forums, gastronomic conventions, master classes, book presentations, magazines and specialized works, educational programs through its prestigious schools and universities affiliated with the educational program AREGUI. It also promotes research on popular and modern kitchens, contributing to their rescue and international dissemination, and contributing to new techniques, recipes and stylization of traditional dishes.

Belonging to AREGALA means to be a chef of a great prestife and great human and professional values, but above all, a friendly person, willing to share his knowledge with other members of the Association. Aregala works like a big family and it is a status symboll in the culinary world. A medal or diploma of AREGALA simbolizes the highest gastronomic honor. Each medal or trophy of AREGALA is duly certified and registered in our Bueau of Archives and Historical Records.