President's Words

Dear worldwide partners and friends of AREGALA, Let me start by sending my warm greetings to you all. I would also like to start this year on a hopeful note; accordingly, very soon we will be informing about the progress we achieved last year despite the multiple challenges it posed to the entire world. In fact, we worked very hard the whole year and were thus able to maintain our leadership position.
In this way we have begun the journey to our 40th anniversary. When this pandemic is over and we can continue with the goal set, we will meet with more joy and confraternity to celebrate our symbolic anniversary.
San Sebastian, Egypt, Turkey, France, Brazil, Peru and Mendoza, Argentina are waiting for us. And there we will be toasting and hugging each other again.

. It wasn’t easy to walk this long, arduous road. Since last year our guild has been one of the most punished by covid 19 that has forced the closing of restaurants and schools, has made many of our friends and partners sick and others have departed forever. But they have left us their legacy of faith and hope.

If despite all these inconveniences we have traveled for 40 years of prestige and good name, having assumed all our commitments. We have taught the world the great gastronomic movement that a group of cooks and culinary researchers convened by the writer had the vision to start 40 years ago. We have taken on the great challenge when even the kitchen was a simple discredited trade without incentives For all that, with more strength than ever we are ready to raise our cups when the world normalizes and when the borders reopen and we can all meet, and confuse ourselves in a hug and throw the cry of WHAT WE HAVE ACHIEVED, COME, ARRIVE AND DEMOSTRA , THAT WE DID AND CREATED EVERYTHING THE WORLD GASTRONOMY NEEDED.
We are, the association that united, that taught, that set its example, that honored unfair voices and attitudes, which created a new full top-level career, which has given and will give millions of jobs again
We are the association that has infused culture in all its aspects from its gastronomic roots, which created the world’s first association of journalists and gastronomic writers, which founded the first and largest and most important network of schools and universities of gastronomy .
We are the gastronomic association that created the first and most important humanitarian organization in the world through volunteer chefs without borders and finally the one that reached the summit of American gastronomy. creating the Culinary Academy of the Americas.
That is why I convincingly state that in the symbolic act of reunion it will be inscribed forever, an honorable chapter in the history of gastronomy with the name of AREGALA.